About Groom at No.1


Welcome to Groom at No1.
My name is Millie and my aim is to provide an individual service, tailored to each dog, in a calm and safe environment.
My love of dogs is apparent in the way I groom - I treat all dogs that come into my salon as if they were my own.
I have had a love and understanding of animals from a young age, and in 2014 I decided to turn my passion into a career.​

My experience, knowledge and genuine love of animals enable me to create a safe, calm and happy environment for your pets whilst in my care.

Why choose Groom At No.1...
Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail

I will listen to your grooming requirements and ensure your dog is groomed to a high standard, suiting your dog's lifestyle and your own. No dog is too big or too small, I will cater my appointments to make sure I have the time required to meet your expectations.

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I can carry out all breed standard grooms, show cuts and pet trims. I also particularly enjoy bringing out each dogs individual character, as every dog is unique. My years of experience have enabled me to carry out all grooms confidently for even the most challenging dogs.

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Dogs Come First
Dogs Come First

All appointments are booked in advance and on a one to one basis. When your dog is with me they will have my undivided attention (with time for breaks and cuddles). I allow extra time for nervous dogs and those lacking confidence within the grooming environment. I always put a dogs welfare over vanity.

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My salon has been designed to create a calm and relaxing environment for your dog. The salon is fully air conditioned to keep your pet comfortable and constructed with materials to ensure the highest level of hygiene. I only use quality equipment and products to allow me to achieve the best results. The salon is fitted with a hydro-bath. This provides a powerful jet stream, which gently massages your dog leaving them sparkling clean.

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The Benefits of Grooming your Dog
Allows for easier detection of health problems before they become serious, such as, parasites and skin disorders
Regular brushing stimulates oil producing glands in your dog's skin. It also increases blood flow to the hair follicles which improves the overall skin condition.
Being groomed socialises your dog to being handled and touched. This is important for ease and comfort with health checks or emergencies with the vet.
Regular grooming keeps the dog's eyes, ears and mouth clean, healthier and less likely to get infections. Keeping dog's nails at a healthier length prevents discomfort or injury.
Regular grooming prevents the dog's coat from becoming matted which can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog - the matts pull on the dog's skin and can be painful.
Regular grooming keeps the dog's coat at a suitable length and condition to suit your dog's lifestyle and your own.
Grooming removes dirt, dander and parasites from the dog's coat. The removal of dander encourages healthy hair growth, which keeps the coat looking and smelling nice
Regular grooming allows me to carry out health checks. This enables me to pick up on changes in behaviour, posture, temperament and any other abnormalities which could indicate that they are in pain or unwell.
It turns out there is a long history of Beddoes' grooming dogs. Find out more here>
I gained my City and Guilds Level 3 certification in Dog Grooming after 3 years of working in commercial salon environments. Since qualifying I have successfully managed 2 grooming salons.
I am always striving to learn and develop with every dog I meet. I have a City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Animal Care and Management, which has given me extensive knowledge of animal handling, animal behaviour and maintaining the optimum health and welfare of all animals.